Therapy Fees and Charges

Lifespan Disability Therapy Service Incorporated follow NDIA’s recommendations for pricing of therapy services.

Individual Visits

Individual visits include therapy sessions conducted within client’s homes, in Early Childhood centres and schools and in the community. Therapy sessions can be conducted in other settings where clients and carers need support

$190 per hour or part thereof


Non-contact time is allocated to assessment of video-feedback, telephone calls, goal setting, report-writing and provision of materials.

$190 per hour or part thereof


Travel costs will be charged based on the time spent travelling to the client up to the maximum amount specified within the NDIS guidelines.

Currently this is 30 minutes for MMM 1-3 and 60 minutes for MMM 4-5.

In addition, travel costs will be charged for the time spent in return travel for the last visit of the day to the closest office.

$190 per hour or part thereof

Cancellations Client

Lifespan Disability Therapy Service Incorporated  will use current NDIS guidelines to charge for cancellations. Currently, therapists can charge 100% of the scheduled visit time for cancellations where less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the appointment time is provided.

If no notice is given and the therapis attends the appointment, travel will be included in the cancellation fee.

$190 per hour or part thereof

Provider Cancellation

From time-to-time therapists may have to cancel scheduled appointments due to attendance at conferences, annual holidays, illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

When this happens, clients will be offered another appointment. Every effort will be made to advise the family as soon as possible when therapists need to change appointments.

No Charge